Smoking in Weekend Summer Style Cigar Review – Ashton Maduro By: Mike

The weekend is arriving and I’m preparing in style! This afternoon I am formally welcoming the beginning of Fall temperatures with a maduro cigar I’ve held back in my humi – the simple and delicious Ashton Maduro!

I made sure to photograph the stick before stepping out and enjoying it without worry (I try not to mix intensive cigar reviews for the blog with a good smoke). One of my favorite elements of this stick is its reliability that is reflected in the construction, the tobacco leaves, and smoke out put as well as the tasting notes on the palate.

I wasn’t overwhelmed by nicotine and I wasn’t distracted by any construction issues nor any off putting notes that can sometimes come from “green” or young cigars. Aging it was the right choice, but I know I could smoke these right out of the shop! Cheers to you smoking an Ashton Maduro cigar this weekend as well. And if you don’t have any aging yet, pick up a box or two and start today!

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