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Mid Week Smoking Blog: Caldwell’s Lost & Found Pepper Cream Soda »

This summer has given everyone the sprucing-up construction bug and we’re no exception. There’s no great handymen without their tools and today this was mine: Caldwell’s Lost & Found Pepper Cream Soda. Without to much effort wasted on fancy cigar presentation, this simple brown paper & twine 10 pack encloses the cigar – a corona […]


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End Week Cigar Review Smoking Blog – Drew Estate Java Latte Petite Corona »

As temps get larger, my morning cigars get smaller. Morning coffee, however, is a ritual that is observed regardless of season so today I found a perfect pairing – the Drew Estate Java Latte Petite Corona and a cup of my favorite morning coffee. The Java Latte blend is perfectly infused. The stick employs a […]