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A ‘Handy’ Cigar Review – Leaf by Oscar Connecticut 6×60 »

Any talk about unique packaging hiding sub par products stops here with this awesome Connecticut stick. The Leaf by Oscar Connecticut 6×60 is a large barrel cigar ready to break the moulds around packaging and presentation. Not to mention – it’s a great smoke for both the big ring gauge crowd AND the Connecticut crews. […]

After a 2 year wait… Sky Flower is back on the menu!! »

Do to popular demand these cigars are back in stock!! »

Can’t Miss – Best Prices »

Getting FREE MF cigars when you buy MF cigars! »

Mid-Week Cigar Review – Gurkha TAA Exclusive Toro Box Press »

One of the best aspects of this job is the ability to smoke at work. To smooth out hump day, I went for this special stick, the Gurkha TAA Toro Box Press from the humidor. Only 1000 boxes of this line were made, and made only available to TAA retailers like ourselves!! Utilizing an Ecuadorian […]

We Jump for Java! »

We LOVE this new line! »

Smoking in Weekend Summer Style Cigar Review – Ashton Maduro By: Mike »

The weekend is arriving and I’m preparing in style! This afternoon I am formally welcoming the beginning of Fall temperatures with a maduro cigar I’ve held back in my humi – the simple and delicious Ashton Maduro! I made sure to photograph the stick before stepping out and enjoying it without worry (I try not […]

Things are getting Spooky and Spicy! »