Finally here!! The Arturo Fuente Opus X TAA 2018 Cigar: Forbidden X

Incredibly rare Arturo Fuente Opus X Forbidden X TAA 2018 IN STOCK TODAY!

The TAA is an acronym for ‘Tobacconists’ Association of America, Ltd.’, a trade organization established in 1968 by seven visionary retail tobacconists & currently consisting of about 80 retail & around 34 manufacturer members. It proudly celebrated its 50th year in 2018. The purpose of the TAA has evolved over the years but its current form is mostly for retailers like us here at Anthony’s to give feedback to the manufacturers and they in turn let us know their future plans. A very special piece of the TAA are the unique & super rare cigars created specifically for those within the TAA, especially on its 50th anniversary.

Forbidden X Nacimiento 1912 

This 5⅛ x 43 Petite Corona is truly a rare & limited cigar, featuring only the finest tobaccos the D. R. has to offer. The wrapper is an attractive maduro promising lots of strength. Savor the hints of leather, oak, & caramel in each puff!

Opus X Heart of Bull 1957 

Luxuriously provided in decorated wooden 13 count boxes, Arturo Fuente went all out with this 5¼ x 50 robusto cigar. The hints of leather, oak, and caramel can not hide that this is a full strength smoke. Sold by the box and as single sticks for that special occasion!

Forbidden X Gods Whisper 1924 

This 7 x 48 Churchill stogie was brilliantly crafted exclusively for members of the (TAA). It houses hints of leather, oak, and caramel throughout each of the 13 sticks in each box. As a puro, both the binder, filler and wrapper are from the Dominican Republic. Buy all 13 or get just a handful!

Forbidden X Keeper of the Flame 

The tobaccos in this 6¼ x 49 toro sized cigar were blended at Arturo Fuente’s ‘Tabacalera Fuente’. These cigars feature a dark Maduro wrapper with a binder & filler exclusively of Dominican tobaccos. This 13 count box will be a rare pleasure and even just a single or two will be a treat!

Forbidden X Torch Bearer 2012

This is a 7.625 X 49 double corona, full-strength toro cigar. This Dominican puro was that was made exclusively for members of the Tobacconist Association of America (TAA) like Anthony’s Cigar Emporium!

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