Drew Estate Liga Privada T52 Short Panatela

Patio Review: New size of an already-classic, the T52 Short Panatela

The seasons are changing from hot to not, making the patio a perfect cigar review location this fall. Smoking the new size of a crowd favorite, the Drew Estate Liga Privada T52 Short Panatela, was a fun little smoke. Although the Liga was a bit smaller in length than I usually smoke, I still provide this review in terms of “thirds”.

For this morning review, I paired with Italian roast coffee with a little cream. Initial observations of the stick boasted a strong, dark and somewhat oily wrapper with a clean cap encouraging a perfect guillotine cut. The band was a little tricky to see the seam but easy to remove once I did. The construction of this Short Panatela sized stick was excellent. The quality construction made for a moderate draw with relatively even burn. The ash is strong and tight.

First third:  The flavor hits the tip of the tongue right off the batt so you know, regardless of its size, this is still a T52. Strong tobacco flavor with a little spice comes through on the draws. Maybe slight leather flavor there too?

Second third:  That stronger spice mellows out. Tobacco flavor deepens, with some leather on the back of my palette.

Last third: Tobacco flavor spreads out to the sides of the tongue very pleasantly. There’s a bit of salivation as a result (that’s the nicotine hitting me). Spice comes back, in a pleasant way, giving a little contrast.  Because of the size, I had to be careful with my fingers as I held the small and at this stage very hot nub of a T52.

Overall: This is a nice stick with a medium feel, and small enough to be a quicker morning cigar. I would advise that a faster smoker be ready for a bit of heat management due to the shorter length, though I enjoyed mine for almost an hour.  As a slower smoker, this is a great stick to have a box of in your humidor.

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