Drew Estate Dogma Undercrown

A perfect midweek smoke: Drew Estate Dogma Undercrown (2018)

Starting with an espresso and a smoke bright and early, the 2018 release of the Drew Estate Dogma Undercrown does not disappoint!


Drew Estate Dogma Undercrown cigar next to espresso coffee


This stick returned to the outside world after an almost 4 year hiatus. Originally sold out of only 1 store in Florida, this year Drew Estate has allowed for this collaboration to be sold to all by Drew Diplomat retailers, like ourselves!

First Third: Using a guillotine cutter, the dry draw gives up notes of subtle earthiness, cedar, muted coffee and a higher note (almost fruity?) rounded things out. One of my favorite things about this smoke is the subtle matte wrapper, with nearly no sheen and almost non existent veins. The soft box pressed shape (box pressed being one of my favorite regular production shapes) had my hyped to see what was beyond the first few puffs.  

Second Third:  Coming from the Undercrown line, you are right to expect tons of smoke. I was enjoying it so much that I didn’t remember to take enough pictures! The ash holds together quite nice and even with my unstable hands, it is hanging on about an inch before I feel the need ash.

Drew Estate Dogma Undercrown cigar smoking

Final Third: In the last third of this stick, the strength kicked it up a notch. Thankfully, the loud coffee and cedar flavors backed down to leave plenty of room for the increased strength. This left room for the delicious, smooth natural tobacco flavors. The burn was mostly solid, though my insistence to use cedar matches the whole time made for some imperfect burn lines. The length and ring gauge really makes for a cooler smoke, enticing you to puff away without breaks.

Official Recommendation: This stick came back into being after the initial demand resulted in being sold at super premium prices in secondary markets. Drew Estate knew the demand was well placed, so they brought it back this year and I have to agree I’d have done the same.  Liga fans, Undercrown fans, Corona Viva fans, Drew Estate fans – all are well positioned and pick up a pack of this well received stick for their humidor.

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