Warped El Oso Papa Bear Review

Warped El Oso Papa Bear Review

Warped El Oso Papa Bear Review

El Oso Papa
Made by: Warped
Country: United States, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua
Vitola: 6 by 48

The construction of warped cigars tend to be world class. Today I will be doing a Warped El Oso Papa Bear Review. This cigar is no exception, and the subtle band lets you know that this brand is not about prestige. It lets it’s blending and tobacco do the talking.


Tons of tooth to the wrapper, visible seams, and a well done torpedo cap. The foot is giving off mixed stone fruit, coffee, and barnyard. That hints at a wonderful thick and full bodied profile. Small veins, and there are a couple little water spots from curing. Slightly spongy and consistent pack, this cigar has the makings of a wonderful experience. Great cut, very little loose tobacco. The prelight draw is consistent with the foots flavor. The coffee is showing through and there is a bit of pepper thrown in as well. Let’s get this lit up and see how it performs.


Dark chocolate with light peach underneath on the front. The center shows the dark chocolate turning to slightly bitter cocoa and light black pepper. The finish is the cocoa alongside dry cashew. There is a great array of complexity to the cigar, the smoke production is low to medium. The smoke thickness is medium, the burn line is going great. The cigar has a great draw and mouth feel. Medium plus body and low strength.


The cigar is very spongy, I would almost prefer a firmer pack. The flavor profile is exceptional though. Bitter cocoa has moved to the front with an oak undertone. The cocoa holds into the center and then light black pepper and leather shoe up on the finish. The smoke thickness has held at a medium but there is a good amount of cream to the mouth feel that is making this really enjoyable.


The bitter cocoa remains on the front, there is a light peach note. I think it’s peach, it’s definitely fruity, but it is alongside the oak underneath the cocoa. The center is showing more wood, with a mix of oak and cedar. And the finish is leather, light black pepper, and the great creamy mouth feel. Low to medium strength and medium to full body. Flawless burn line throughout the cigar.

Smoke Time: 1 hour and 5 minutes

Conclusion: 92

Wonderful complexity and great transitions. I certainly went through it quickly but that is because it was simply delicious. I absolutely recommend this cigar, it is box buy worthy. Of course try it before you hop into that, but it isn’t something you will be disappointed with.

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