Viva Republica Edicion Limitada Culebra

Catch the Viva Republica Edicion Limitada Culebra at Anthony’s Cigar Emporium!

I’m a bit of a cigar nerd – I seek out unique shapes, sizes, styles, and blends that look interesting to me, because doing something new and different is not only scary, but the way to nurture progress and growth. I will always respect trial and error. That’s why Viva Republica’s Edicion Limitada Culebra fascinates me – it’s not “new”, as Culebras have been done before, but to my knowledge, a braided panetela that has 3 different blends is a first, and to do such a rare size when other manufacturers have discontinued making the size is a bold move.

Viva Republica Edición Limitada Culebra

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From Cigar Aficionado, “One of the panetelas is Viva’s Natural Rapture blend, a Cuban-seed Ecuadoran wrapper that covers a Dominican binder and filler tobaccos from Brazil, Nicaragua, Peru and the Dominican Republic. Another cigar is the Maduro Rapture, which is the same blend as the Natural save for wrapper leaf that was grown in Mexico’s San Andrés region. The third smoke is Viva’s Guerrilla Warfare, which contains filler tobaccos from Brazil, Dominican and Nicaragua, a double binder comprised of Dominican and Mexican leaf, all covered by Ecuador Sumatra wrapper.”

In my opinion, this is more than a marketing gimmick – this is a twist on a tradition that honors not only the cigar makers (One theory behind the origins of the Culebra shape is that it was the cigars the factory workers were allowed to take home at the end of the day), but also is a nod to collectors and oddballs like myself, and a mini sampler pack for people looking to try Viva Republica’s offerings.

With only 1000 Culebras made, I’m definitely interested in grabbing one for myself – but we only got 5 boxes (5 Culebras per box), so if you want in on one, you should…

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