Patio Review: Tatuaje Nuevitas Jibaro

As if having a size called the “No. 1” wasn’t indication as to which cigar I should have today, places like Cigar Dojo have declared the Tatuaje Nuevitas Jibaro stick the “#7 Cigar of the Year 2018”. I like it when the answer is obvious!

First Third: I did a bit of research before picking up this stick and besides finding the Cigar of the Year award, I also learned that this stick is made by the My Father factory in Esteli; a fact I hoped would bode well when it comes to the strength and construction of this stick. (Spoiler alert – it did!!) The dry draw was mostly peppers and cedar notes. The exposed foot on the Jibaro No.1 was fun to light with the wooden matches I had on hand. The initial quarter inch was unapologetically black pepper forward, allowing the soft natural tobacco sweetness and slightly cedary notes to shine by contrast.

Second Third: Some cigars will transition through the smoke but this one transitioned away from the black pepper notes – allowing for the other notes to be noticed – before returning again. The thirds are easy to keep note of since I’ve only ashed once since starting this smoke. The grey white ash seems messy but keeps together very well.

Final Third: By the end of the Tatuaje Jibaro No. 1 I was supremely satisfied with the cigar’s nicotine strength (medium-full) and spiciness (here’s lookin’ at you, Corojo ’99). I normally smoke slow and purge my cigars often to keep the temps low and avoid filling my mouth with stinging, palate killing heat. That wasn’t the case here. Everything lined up so perfectly in this smoke that I didn’t think to worry about smoking it slow. The extra bonus on these Nicaraguan puros is I have faith that with time, a box of these will get even better with time.

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