La Flor Dominicana Beer Stein – In Stock!

La Flor Dominicana Beer Stein – Limited Edition

Occasionally, a limited edition cigar will come out from a cigar brand that we just so happen to love. Even more occasionally, that Limited Edition comes in a unique box, special display case, jar… or sometimes, a Beer Stein.

LFD 1994 Beer Stein Blend

With a mineral and earthy note to start, a citrus flavor and chocolaty notes, you’d think the LFD would go full bodied fast – but you’d be surprised! Compared to the Ligero and Double Ligero lines, the 1994 is a medium bodied smoke with enough complexity to confund even the most complicated palates.

As if La Flor Dominicana wasn’t legit enough to roll us our own special blended cigar for Anthony’s Cigar Emporium’s 20th Anniversary, they’ve now come out with a Limited Edition of their 1994 blend, in a beer stein. This thing is a BEAST – I’m thinking you could fit at least a pitcher of beer in the stein – after you’ve removed your cigars of course.

The jar itself isn’t sealed, so we recommend putting the sticks in a separate humidor before putting your stein out for display – but trust us, you’re going to want to display this bad boy.

The Cigars themselves are the traditional 1994 blend, but as noted in the article by Halfwheel, you can only get this vitola in the Beer Stein release. Halfwheel rated it 87, and compared to the rest of the 1994s, they call it a “very good release overall”.

LFD Beer Stein still in plastic

The La Flor Dominicana Beer Stein is really hefty – even with the cigars out of the Stein, it’s still exceptionally heavy.

LFD Beer Stein out of plastic wrap

With the cigars inside, the Stein is nigh unliftable. Due to the top not sealing, we recommend you put your cigars in a separate humidor, instead of storing them in the Stein.

La Flor Dominicana 1994

The cigars themselves look equally beautiful, and while the Stein is definitely the focus of this limited edition, don’t discount the fact that each stein comes with 20 – 6 x 54 “Beer Stein” cigars.

Order your Stein today!

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