Diamond Crown Maximus Review

Patio Review: 10 years running and still strong, the Diamond Crown Maximus

It is getting proper cold outside and traffic is crazy with last minute holiday shoppers. So when I found the time today to I sit down and review a Diamond Crown in a warm and cozy spot of my choosing, I was pretty happy!

I don’t know how but I’ve never had this cigar before! It has been around for a while, previously capturing the #4 cigar of the Year Award. Even so somehow I had always assumed this cigar would be too strong for my tastes. I’m pleased to report that this is not the case. If there is an overabundance of any factor it is that the strength within the stick doesn’t diminish, but I’d consider that a positive.

First third:  I used a guillotine cut anon the dark natural wrapper sporting thin veins. The dry draw was interesting – I was reminded of a dark chocolate coffee drink. The construction seems solid and took to the flame of the cedar spill I used quite nicely.

Second third:  There is a wonderful consistency from first to second third. The notes of dark cocoa, roasted coffee bean and earthiness have carried through and seamlessly blended together.

Last third: I started to really appreciate how I was still experiencing the same strength (it didn’t taper off or overpower) as I was also enjoying the cedar notes the cigar offered. I was doing a bit of typing as I smoked this so it actually went out on my 3 times in this last third, but each time I lit it back up. Worth it – every time.

Overall: I don’t want to dwell on how silly I feel never having had this stick before and instead focus on how soon I can get a box of these Diamond Crown Maximus all to myself!T

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