Avo XO Intermezzo Tubo Review

Avo XO Intermezzo Tubo Review

Avo Xo Intermezzo Tubo Review

XO Intermezzo Tubo
Made by: Avo
Country: Dominican Republic
Vitola: 5 by 50

I have to say that the cigars that Avo puts out are usually very good releases. This cigar is a different vitola then the last XO I reviewed, I am excited to get to visit one of these again. Lets see what it has to offer with a Avo XO Intermezzo Tubo Review.


The cap isn’t the best by any stretch, visible seams. Small to medium sized veins, and the pack is consistently firm. Very light tooth to the wrapper, the foot is giving off light white pepper, cedar, and cream. This is hinting at a lighter and more relaxing profile than the cigars that I have visited recently. Good cut, but there was a good amount of loose tobacco, the prelight draw shows similar notes as the foot. There is more of a mix of white and red pepper present as well as the addition of a light leather note. Lets get this lit up and see how it performs.


Very easy to light, tons of smoke production and great smoke thickness off the start. The 50 ring gauge is just a very appropriate size, it is a nice aspect of this cigar. Cedar on the front with light cream underneath, the center has a light leather note clearing the profile. The finish has the mixed pepper note consisting of red and white pepper. The red pepper is up at the moment and is making for a nice creamy mouth feel with some bite. Medium body and low strength, great start to the cigar.


The burn line has been nearly razor sharp, the smoke production has fallen a bit. The smoke thickness is still up there, the body has risen to medium plus and the strength is at a low to medium. The red pepper has continued to control the pepper and it has come up a bit more. The cedar has fallen to become an under note on the front. The light cream and light leather have moved up in the profile. As the center comes on cream and red pepper control the profile. The white pepper is muffled by the bite of the red pepper. The balance is really good because of the cream at the end of the profile. The smoke thickness and that cream are really impacting the profile.


As I am getting to the nub the body is back at a medium and the strength is almost equal. The front is a well balanced mix of leather and cedar, the center is back to light cream. The finish is more tame with the pepper back to a mix of red and white pepper. There is a light leather on the finish as well. The burn line was wonderful throughout the cigar and the smoke production stayed at a medium. The smoke thickness was at a high though. Really a great offering from Avo.

Smoke Time: 55 minutes

Conclusion: 88

It had a great profile, it was lacking in terms of aesthetics at the start. The flavors were very stable and delicious. The construction was very good, that burn line was great. The draw had some resistance but nothing unmanageable. The complexity could have offered more, and the transitions could have been stronger. However, in terms of a consistent medium bodied cigar. This performed wonderfully.
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