Arturo Fuente Anejo No 49 Review

Arturo Fuente Anejo No 49 Review

Arturo Fuente Anejo No 49 Review

Anejo No 49
Made by: Arturo Fuente
Country: Dominican Republic
Vitola: 7 5/8 by 49

Another cigar by Fuente is up today, these are delicious cigars. Of course the blend does make a difference, but it reminds me of how golf works. Nice equipment is half the battle, and in this case the tobacco in use is very nice equipment. Lets get it started with an Arturo Fuente Anejo No 49 Review.


The cedar wrap is really a nice addition to these cigars. That does mean this cigar scores nicely in aesthetics. A dark thick wrapper with a good amount of tooth. The cap is done very well, also there are very visible seams and medium to large sized veins. The pack is pretty firm with one noticeable soft spot. The foot is giving off an apple cinnamon spice that has an amazing smell. The cut was pretty good with a bit of loose tobacco. The prelight draw has a fair amount of resistance, and the notes are showing more mixed pepper and a sweetness that reminds me of brown sugar.


Leather and a mix of red and white pepper on the front, the center shows more of the white pepper. The finish also has similar notes of mixed pepper, red and white, alongside a light floral Jasmine. There seems to be some bitter cocoa in the background on the finish. Medium smoke thickness, high smoke production. Burn line is going pretty well, white flaky ash.


The white pepper spice on the front is delicious, there is a undertone of cedar now. Red pepper is more present on the center alongside light leather notes. And on the finish the floral Jasmine reappears with undertones of bitter cocoa. Really, the cigar has a wonderful profile. The burn time is going long as expected with a cigar of this size. Burn line is doing well, smoke thickness has increased slightly, smoke production is held constant at a high.

Medium to full body, low to medium strength. The cigar does seem to be picking up a little bit in terms of power. The burn line continues to be going great, smoke production is still high. Smoke thickness has dropped slightly, there is mix red and white pepper on the front now with a cedar and oak undertone. The center shows leather and bitter cocoa, with an undertone of red pepper that carries into the finish. The floral Jasmine is still hanging around but it’s much lower than it was in the first and start of the second third.


As I’m getting to the end of the cigar, the body really hasn’t changed from a medium to full. The strength is up to a medium, the burn line still going strong. The smoke production is still high and the smoke thickness has increased a little bit more. The woodsy note that was underneath on the front has come up and now a mix of cedar and oak are controlling that area of the profile. Then on the center next pepper red pepper and then white pepper or alongside leather. The floral Jasmine is pretty much gone at this point, and leather with bitter cocoa are controlling the finish.

Smoke Time: 1 hour and 50 minutes

Conclusion: 94

Great cigar, this absolutely deserves its reputation of being wonderful. The constitution was perfect, the notes were distinct and well blended. And the best part, the burn time was wonderful. If you’re a collector this is absolutely a box buy. If you’re a casual cigar smoker then having a fiver of these on hand is a great choice. They are wonderful, so if you come by them at your local shop do not hesitate because you won’t be disappointed.

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