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Tatuaje Seleccion del Cazador – Made in Miami

The Little Hassells express a deep earthiness, strong espresso bean note, and overtones of chocolate and pepper spice.
The stick is indicated at medium but fans of the bolder Verocu No. 5 might find this closer to their strength preferences.
Enjoy these flavor bombs in their smaller size during any climate the weather can present!

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Patio Review: Viaje Exclusivo Nicaragua Leaded Corona Gorda LE

A full title and a full strength cigar makes for quite the mouthful! I was rearing to go to smoke the special version of this already special stick, even if I was forewarned about the medio tiempo ( one of the highest priming leaves and only grows on a small percentage of tobacco plants – known to provide strength, body, and flavor) making this Nicaraguan puro so outstanding.

I paired my smoke with water and a smoking buddy joined me, in case I overlooked any of the notes from the tobacco (read: ‘in case my palate gave out on me’) We agreed that the 5⅝ x 46 stick was oily, dark and veiny and smelled intriguing on the dry draw.

First Third: The initial first was very full bodied. I got hints of the char from toasted marshmallows, a lot of leather, and a ton of red pepper. It was almost too much for me but the intensity never fell into “burning” categorization. The flavors were very intense but the strength of the nicotine wasn’t too much to handle. Toward the end of the first third, this cigar began to tone it down.

Just beginning to smoke.

Second Third: The second third was more what I would normally aim for – a rich, complex but hearty medium-full strength nicaraguan cigar. The white pepper and dark bitter baking chocolate hints appeared at this time. I frequently purged my cigar as I smoke, ensuring there wouldn’t be too much ash build up (afraid of potential bitterness).

Still working on it – second band gone!

Last Third: The final third brought more of the leather and nicotine consistency that you’d expect from the medio tiempo tobaccos within I started off thinking that the strong presence in the back of the throat from the super thick clouds would best me, but this stick was such a joy I knew that this was one that I wanted to have a whole box of!


Conclusion: I was ready to be bested by an unregulated amount of strength, spice and smoke. This cigar took be back to a time when Viaje was new and I wondered in amazement (and a bit of a nicotine haze) “Wow – they can make cigars that strong?! That’s awesome!!”

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The RARE Little Hassles and a StashTray for Free?!?

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Tatuaje only crafted 1250 Little Hassells cigar packs so first come, first served!

The Little Hassells express a deep earthiness, strong espresso bean note, and overtones of chocolate and pepper spice. The stick is indicated at medium but fans of the bolder Verocu No. 5 might find this closer to their strength preferences. Enjoy these flavor bombs in their smaller size during any climate the weather can present!

Patio Review: Tatuaje Nuevitas Jibaro

As if having a size called the “No. 1” wasn’t indication as to which cigar I should have today, places like Cigar Dojo have declared the Tatuaje Nuevitas Jibaro stick the “#7 Cigar of the Year 2018”. I like it when the answer is obvious!

First Third: I did a bit of research before picking up this stick and besides finding the Cigar of the Year award, I also learned that this stick is made by the My Father factory in Esteli; a fact I hoped would bode well when it comes to the strength and construction of this stick. (Spoiler alert – it did!!) The dry draw was mostly peppers and cedar notes. The exposed foot on the Jibaro No.1 was fun to light with the wooden matches I had on hand. The initial quarter inch was unapologetically black pepper forward, allowing the soft natural tobacco sweetness and slightly cedary notes to shine by contrast.

Second Third: Some cigars will transition through the smoke but this one transitioned away from the black pepper notes – allowing for the other notes to be noticed – before returning again. The thirds are easy to keep note of since I’ve only ashed once since starting this smoke. The grey white ash seems messy but keeps together very well.

Final Third: By the end of the Tatuaje Jibaro No. 1 I was supremely satisfied with the cigar’s nicotine strength (medium-full) and spiciness (here’s lookin’ at you, Corojo ’99). I normally smoke slow and purge my cigars often to keep the temps low and avoid filling my mouth with stinging, palate killing heat. That wasn’t the case here. Everything lined up so perfectly in this smoke that I didn’t think to worry about smoking it slow. The extra bonus on these Nicaraguan puros is I have faith that with time, a box of these will get even better with time.

My Father La Opulencia 6 FREE CIGARS – 10% off – # 2 Cigar of the Year!

Toro 95 RATED#2 Cigar of the Year 2018 by Cigar Aficionado
La Opulencia features six box pressed sizes: Petite, measuring 4 1/2 inches by 48 ring gauge; Corona, 5 by 46; Robusto, 5 1/4 by 52; Toro, 6 by 54; Super Toro, 6 by 60; and Toro Gordo, 7 by 56. La Opulencia is packaged in 20-count boxes, providing some for now and some for later!
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My Father La Opulencia The My Father La Opulencia cigar has a dark, Mexican wrapper that the Garcias classify as rosado oscuro, “different from anything else we have,” in the My Father line, said José Ortega, vice president of sales for My Father. It also has a Nicaraguan double binder, one criollo and one corojo, with various Cuban-seed fillers that were all grown on farms owned by the Garcia family.
Need more info?
See our Blog post on this cigar or this sticks award from Cigar Aficionado.

Patio Review: The Number 2 Cigar of the Year, the My Father La Opulencia Toro

Every time around the New Year, we in the cigar industry eagerly await to hear the news of which cigars have won the prestigious position “Cigar of the Year”. While everyone’s pallets are different, the benefit of these lists is that across the board, the cigars really wowed folks. That holds true for the My Father La Opulencia Toro I had just the other day.

A short review of this stick only requires but one word- ‘WOW’!

For a more thorough breakdown of the cigar, I’ve reviewed it in thirds. My pictures are sadly a bit lacking just because once I fired this thing up, I got so wrapped up in how amazing it was that I somewhat lost track of anything but just enjoying everything the stick offered.

First third: I used a guillotine cut against the triple cap of this darker wrapper. The dry draw was more intricate than I normally get from other sticks – the smell of dark chocolate and leather’s tannins with vague hints of coffee beans in the background. When lighting with a wooden match and cedar spill, I caused a bit of a burn issue (self inflicted, no fault of the stick) but resolved that quickly.

Second Third: The first few puffs are very involved and take a bit of sorting. Halfway through the first third to the second, notes of the taste of leather, dark chocolate, trees (oak perhaps?) and cedar were all present. The interesting thing about this stick is that the nicotine strength of the stick never threatened to over power the flavors, and all the notes were easily distinguishable – a reflectly of a truly expertly blended and constructed cigar.

Last Third: At this point I’ve removed the double band off the cigar. From the mid second third til the end, the oak and cedar were joined by white pepper and subtle spices. The ash was extremely tight and a pale white color which hung on for far longer than I thought was possible.

Conclusion: I’m not sure how these could get any better but if you have space in your humidor, you need to pick up a box of the My Father La Opulencia right away. I’ve already told all my friends, and once you tell yours too it may be tricky finding a box later, so act right away. Future you will thank you!

Diamond Crown Maximus Review

Patio Review: 10 years running and still strong, the Diamond Crown Maximus

It is getting proper cold outside and traffic is crazy with last minute holiday shoppers. So when I found the time today to I sit down and review a Diamond Crown in a warm and cozy spot of my choosing, I was pretty happy!

I don’t know how but I’ve never had this cigar before! It has been around for a while, previously capturing the #4 cigar of the Year Award. Even so somehow I had always assumed this cigar would be too strong for my tastes. I’m pleased to report that this is not the case. If there is an overabundance of any factor it is that the strength within the stick doesn’t diminish, but I’d consider that a positive.

First third:  I used a guillotine cut anon the dark natural wrapper sporting thin veins. The dry draw was interesting – I was reminded of a dark chocolate coffee drink. The construction seems solid and took to the flame of the cedar spill I used quite nicely.

Second third:  There is a wonderful consistency from first to second third. The notes of dark cocoa, roasted coffee bean and earthiness have carried through and seamlessly blended together.

Last third: I started to really appreciate how I was still experiencing the same strength (it didn’t taper off or overpower) as I was also enjoying the cedar notes the cigar offered. I was doing a bit of typing as I smoked this so it actually went out on my 3 times in this last third, but each time I lit it back up. Worth it – every time.

Overall: I don’t want to dwell on how silly I feel never having had this stick before and instead focus on how soon I can get a box of these Diamond Crown Maximus all to myself!T