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Smoking in Summer Style Cigar Review – Ashton Heritage By: Tyler

Summer is still smoking and so am I! This afternoon I am welcoming the weekend to start off right with a smokey stick of mine straight from my personal humidor – the ever impressive, Ashton Heritage cigar!

I had to take a pic before I started smoking this because I knew I’d be all fun and no work once I got into this cigar. And your eyes don’t deceive you – as before you, a gorgeous, chocolaty Ecuador Habano wrapper hugs a scrumptious bouquet of aged Dominican binder and filler tobaccos.

I haven’t been aging this one in my personal humidor for too long (less than a year) but even so the flavors are enchantingly rich and earthy with subtle traces of caramel and almonds. The flavor of the natural tobacco from the sun grown varietal is pleasantly apparent throughout the length of the stick as well.

I’ve always been a fan of this stick because it offers a medium strength smoke without compromising any complexity. Cheers to you smoking an Ashton Heritage cigar this weekend as well. And if you don’t have any aging yet, pick up a box or two and start today!

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Mid Week Back Porch Review – My Father La Promesa By: Mefford

The mid-week hump is here to get over so to see me through I’m reaching for a beautifully crafted My Father La Promesa cigar. I’ve got some time before the summer rains hit and the steaks are done on the barbeque so I’m lighting this one up right now!


The My Father La Promesa is a true My Father stick as it starts with a decided peppery presence. But just at the start, and not too much. This My Father line isn’t just a manliness test – its a flavor bomb. The Pepper backs off before too long to showcase the wide mix of flavors ranging from tobacco sweetness and leather and nuts!

With an oily Ecuadorian Habano wrapper and Nicaraguan binder and filler, this stick offers up a medium bold strength. I enjoyed smoking the Corona size, but about halfway through I realized next time I’d probably upgrade to the larger Toro size. There’s just so much good stuff that I don’t want to have to stop smoking!

I think the name of this line is just perfect because it delivers what it promises. I’ve promised myself that I’ll put a box of the My Father La Promesa Toro into my humidor this week – you should too!

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