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Breakfast Cigar Review – Warped Lirio Rojo – By: Sal

 Seeking an amazing breakfast stick, I went with a Warped Lirio Rojo!

What made me choose this stick was that the Warped Lirio Rojo
Nicaraguan puros using 100% AGANORSA tobaccos. The Lirio Rojo is packaged in traditional 50 ct. cabinet boxes tied with a ribbon and unbanded, saving time so I could dig right in. This cigar is crafted at Tabacos Valle de Jalapa S.A. (TABSA) in Estelí, Nicaragua – a perfect, breakfast sized blend provided as the ideal 5.5 x 44 size!

Seeking an amazing breakfast stick, I went with a Warped Lirio Rojo!

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Brazilian Lovers Cigar Review – CAO Amazon Fuma Em Corda – By: Mefford

What made me choose this stick was that the Amazon Fuma em Corda consists of Brazilian Arapiraca tobacco that is fermented in ropes. To craft the amazing and unique flavors, the Brazilian Arapiraca tobacco is combined with Brazilian Braganca tobaccos. Its finished with a Cameroon binder & Honduran Colorado wrapper – a genuine international blend in a satisfying 6 x 58 size!

Seeking an amazing Brazialan stick, I went with a CAO Amazon Fume Em Corda!

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Cigars are:
• Viaje Hamaki 2019 25ct Box 6 x 54 – Torpedo
• Viaje Omakase 2019 18ct Box 5 x 52 – Robusto
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The Cohiba Spectre is a 7 1/4 x 54 Churchill that uses a blend of eight rare and exceptional vintage tobaccos, including a gorgeous Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper picked from the highest primings and aged in Sherry barrels from Spain. The filler blend includes Dominican Piloto Cubano leaf from 1995 and aged in tercios, which is a very unique method of aging tobacco by using the bark of a royal palm tree. In addition, the filler includes a number of leaves grown in Estelí, Nicaragua from 2011-2014 that were also aged in the aforementioned sherry barrels as well as three different leaves from Honduras: Olancho San Agustin (2002), the Jamastran Valley (2011) and La Entrada (2011). The binder is a Connecticut Broadleaf from the US.

General Cigars decided to have a single buncher, Ruben Dario Perez Peña,and a single roller Xirolma Céspedes hand make each Cohiba Spectre cigar. The pair has a combined nearly 50 years of experience.

The Cohiba Spectre is a very rare and small batch release. The entire worldwide production run was 180 boxes of 10.

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