Padron Millennium 1964 Series Humidor & Cigars IN STOCK

Padron Millennium 1964 Series Humidor, 2000 Limited Edition


Sequential numbering of cigars of the humidor in stock at Anthony’s Cigar Emporium.

In 1999, Padrón rolled 100,000 of a specially-blended version of its immensely popular 1964 Series to be released in 2000 to celebrate the entry of the third millenium. The Padrón Millennium 1964 Series was limited to 1,000 humidor cases of 100 cigars. The blend was similar to the 1964 Series, but was said to be quite a bit more bold in flavor and the tobacco used was already aged for five years before it was rolled into the cigars.   Anthony’s Cigar Emporium has one humidor in stock and a handful of singles available for purchase.  Visit our page of the Padron Millennium 1964 Series here.

From Padron’s Press Release in 1999:

“To celebrate the Millennium, the Padrón family created the limited edition ‘Millennium 1964 Series.’ Production was limited to 1,000 cases of 100 cigars each. The cigar, with dimensions of 52 x 6, is made with tobacco that has been aged for five years. All tobacco used for this single release was hand selected specifically for this limited production. Our goal was to blend a more full-bodied flavor while not compromising the balance that cigar connoisseurs have come to expect from our products.”

This Padron Millennium 1964 Series release was also the first time Padron individually numbered its cigars and each Padron Millennium 1964 Series humidor comes with five solid cedar trays that accommodate 20 cigars sequentially numbered on each tray. Each cigar as well as each humidor case is individually and sequentially numbered. To make this possible, new bands containing Jose O. Padrón’s signature were designed to accommodate the individual serial numbering of each cigar.


Plaque on humidor displaying the serial number of the case in stock at Anthony’s Cigar Emporium.


Each humidor also features two solid brass plaques on the exterior lid. The first, appearing on the center of the lid, contains the 1964 Anniversary Series logo. The second, located on the bottom right corner of the lid, contains the following information: Millennium 1964 Series Limited Edition Box No. 816 / 1,000 and Cigars No. 81501-81600. The serial numbers provided were of the Padron Millennium 1964 Series Humidor in stock (Maduro wrapper). Anthony’s Cigar Emporium also has a handful of single cigar aside from the humidor in stock for single purchases. This is a very rare 15 year old limited edition collector’s item that only comes around a few times each generation.

There were no re-releases or refills available for the Padron Millennium 1964 Series humidor.






Browse the Padron Millennium 1964 Series Humidor and singles on Anthony’s Cigar Emporium’s website now.

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