Viaje Geisha San Andres VS Corojo 99

Tasting Notes

  • First Third
    • San Andres
      • Vanilla, Pistachio, Espresso, chocolate, leather, Earth, Pepper, sour. Retro- Leather, pepper, bitterness
    • Corojo 99
      • Chocolate, earth, starch, pepper, and sour. Graham cracker, coffee, creamer, earth, jalapeno spice. Retro- espresso, hazelnut, pistachio, earth, sour. 
  • Second Third
    • San Andres
      • Bbq, earth, campfire, pepper, vanilla. Retro- hay, sour, bark, sweetness. 
    • Corojo 99
      • Earth coffee, creamer, pepper, fruit, cream. Retro – earth, coffee, sweetness

  • Final Third
    • San Andres
      • Young tobacco, acidity, sour, earth, pepper. Retro – earth, sour
    • Corojo 99
      • Citrus, earth, coffee, creamer, pepper, cedar, retro- Vanilla, cedar, sweetness, espresso. 

The 2022 pair of Viaje Geisha are some truly wonderful cigars. After smoking both of them and taking the time to compare notes as well as gather opinions, there is one consensus I continue to hear…these are remarkably similar. Both start with some strong chocolate, leather, and towards the end of the first third develop a pitasicao nut flavor. In the second both begin to have more earthy tones and decrease in sweetness levels in favor of balance, and both have some espresso notes to round out the cigar.

However there are some distinct differences between the two in the complexity and specific details of the flavor profile. In general, the Corojo was sweeter, adding a coffee creamer not throughout the cigar and allowing for a citrus sweetness to be quite prominent throughout. The San Andres however added some unique campfire smoke taste along with a fairly unique vanilla note. 

One thing to say on both cigars, is they likely deserve some time in the humidor. The San Andres suffers far more in this than the Corojo, however both had multiple areas of heavy acidity and sour notes. These seem as though some age would rid them of these issues, however the Corojo specifically is incredible despite this. 

From what I have heard from others this seems to be the case across the board. While many people prefer the earthy tones and stronger profile of the San Andres, nearly everyone said that these cigars need some time to rest and allow for their flavors to mellow out. If you do this, you likely will be rewarded with one of, if not THE, best release of viaje in years. 

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