Viaje Amuse Bouche II

Limited Edition cigars are something that most companies do, but few to the extent of Viaje whose entire portfolio consists of Limited cigars. This tactic has made it so that their cigars sell out in minutes as the quality and taste of these sticks are always top notch.

Thanks to the quick sell out of the Viaje Carolina Reapers, some people forgot to buy up all the Viaje Amuse-Bouche II. This allowed me the opportunity to experience this stick, and boy was it an experience. The cigar had some of the most rich and deep earth flavors I’ve ever started a cigar with, quickly followed by some gentle cedar flavors and slight sweet undertones. Everything built up in this cigar until about halfway it was a full flavored bomb of a cigar. Everything from chocolate, cedar, leather, pepper, campfire, graham cracker, and espresso were all flavor notes I wrote down. this cigar is an incredible stick, and one I would love to get my hands on again.

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