Patio Review: Viaje Exclusivo Nicaragua Leaded Corona Gorda LE

A full title and a full strength cigar makes for quite the mouthful! I was rearing to go to smoke the special version of this already special stick, even if I was forewarned about the medio tiempo ( one of the highest priming leaves and only grows on a small percentage of tobacco plants – known to provide strength, body, and flavor) making this Nicaraguan puro so outstanding.

I paired my smoke with water and a smoking buddy joined me, in case I overlooked any of the notes from the tobacco (read: ‘in case my palate gave out on me’) We agreed that the 5⅝ x 46 stick was oily, dark and veiny and smelled intriguing on the dry draw.

First Third: The initial first was very full bodied. I got hints of the char from toasted marshmallows, a lot of leather, and a ton of red pepper. It was almost too much for me but the intensity never fell into “burning” categorization. The flavors were very intense but the strength of the nicotine wasn’t too much to handle. Toward the end of the first third, this cigar began to tone it down.

Just beginning to smoke.

Second Third: The second third was more what I would normally aim for – a rich, complex but hearty medium-full strength nicaraguan cigar. The white pepper and dark bitter baking chocolate hints appeared at this time. I frequently purged my cigar as I smoke, ensuring there wouldn’t be too much ash build up (afraid of potential bitterness).

Still working on it – second band gone!

Last Third: The final third brought more of the leather and nicotine consistency that you’d expect from the medio tiempo tobaccos within I started off thinking that the strong presence in the back of the throat from the super thick clouds would best me, but this stick was such a joy I knew that this was one that I wanted to have a whole box of!


Conclusion: I was ready to be bested by an unregulated amount of strength, spice and smoke. This cigar took be back to a time when Viaje was new and I wondered in amazement (and a bit of a nicotine haze) “Wow – they can make cigars that strong?! That’s awesome!!”

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