Oliva Serie V 135th Anniversary Review

Having just smoked one of these, this cigar is mind blowing. It is easily the best Serie v to date, if not the best Oliva to date. Commemorating the 135th anniversary of the first tobacco planted by Melanio Oliva, this cigar needed to be good. However, this storied company met and exceeded all expectations with this stick. 

The Oliva 135 serie v has a complex profile that could realistically be enjoyed by anyone. For the newer smoker, you will experience a sweet cream, a strong cedar and robust earth, staples of the Serie v line. The more experienced smoker will find hidden notes of cherry, smokey campfire, and sourdough bread. 

This smoke is a classic and will be sorely missed when they are gone. However, I know that won’t be long as these are also the most reasonably priced Olivas on the market, and best overall value cigar I’ve smoked to date. Pick one of these up the moment you can. 

Taylor “Denver” Grammar

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