NEW! Warped SkyFlower Review

The arrival of the new Warped SkyFlower had me excited, and I finally got the chance to try one. With a great peppery spice, subtle chocolate sweetness and earthy campfire taste, this cigar has some flavor notes that everyone can enjoy. On top of that is a maple syrup note though the retrohale. Mix that with the black pepper and campfire and you have an incredibly well blended and balanced cigar. But this isn’t simply one dimensional either. As it develops, flavors of roasted pecans, a deep earthy soil, and a hearty meaty flavor, all have their time in the limelight. The cigar clocks in at medium strength and body all the way through making it approachable by most everybody.  Warped isn’t the most well known brand on the market but with fan favorites of the “First Growth” and “Guardian of the Farm”, these are sure to be something that everyone can enjoy. We aren’t sure how long these will be in stock so get a box while you can as these will age very well, but are also great to smoke right now!

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