Mid Week Smoke Break Cigar Review: Oliva Nub Cameroon Tubo

Hands off my nub!

Here’s all the explanation you need for why I must defend my cigars at all times! Cameroon Wrapper -> Dark and leathery to the touch. A sweet, cedary smoke with an intriguing spice. The aftertaste is dry and toasty. Intense pepper through the nose. A medium to full-bodied cigar that’s toasty and complex, yet smooth.

And if THAT weren’t enough to convince, let me just round out that explanation of delicious cigar goodness by clarifying: single. perfect. stick.

Oliva Nubs are the perfect size for a long-quick smoke, just the right size to say “Well, just ONE more cigar…” and then enjoy a whole hour! If you don’t have these hour-savers already in your humidor at home, nows the time to add them.

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