Gurkha 2021 TAA Review

Written by Brannyn Bell

The second collaboration of Gurkha with TAA, the Nicaraguan series is a full bodied cigar in every sense of the word. A balanced smoke all the way through, a mixture of pepper, earth and leather. Beautifully accented with a subtle creaminess and cinnamon flavor. Although the initial light is incredibly peppery, it smooths itself within the next couple puffs. 

The first third of the cigar is distinguished by dominant notes of peppery flavors, dancing across your tongue like wildfire. Part way though the third the profile opens up to earth and leather taking center stage.  

As you get to the second third a vanilla creaminess comes out of nowhere, accented by a hint of cinnamon on the back palate as well as retrohale. 

The pepper dies down to a subtle white pepper, before reappearing strong in the last third of the cigar. The flavors round out by adding a notes of nuts to the pepper and earth in the last third of the cigar. 

All around a medium- full bodied cigar filled with pepper leather and earth. A smoke worthy of an avid cigar smoker who is in the mood for something a little off the beaten path. 

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