Ferio Tego Generoso (Review)

I Love full bodied, full strength cigars. I love the relaxed feeling I can get from a truly strong cigar. If you’re anything like me, the Ferio Tego is for you. Blasts of black pepper are found throughout the cigar with an incredibly distinct and unique oak wood flavor. Notes of campfire smoke, creamy vanilla and Chocolate are abundant as well. But this cigar gets even better through the retrohale. A full flavor of a creamy vanilla, a soft white pepper, and a distinct nuttiness. This cigar has everything an aficionado could want, with all the strength of an old school cigar. There are few sticks on the market with this kind of punch, and Ferio Tego is running the show. 

(Disclaimer: This is a very strong and powerful cigar. Not to be taken lightly. Have a full stomach and water on hand!) 

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